Stone Bow Studios prides itself on attention to detail, quality cost-effective design and implementation for our clients, and a personal love of design.

If you will allow, we would be honored to commit this dedication to your next project.

I’ve known since childhood that I wanted to design.

In middle school shop class I built my first drafting table. I still have that table and was able to use it through Architecture school at Savannah College of Art & Design.

I started Stone.Bow.Studios as an accumulation of a long time love of both Architectural design and Graphics. I’m inspired by quality design that excites and improves our lives – no matter how large or small.

While embracing history and with love of historic homes, I also embrace modern, clean use of materials and exposure of structure. No matter the style, focused on function and efficiency.

I received my Masters of Architecture Degree, in 1994 and completed my IDP (Intern Development Program – NCARB)

I have 15 years experience working in professional Architecture firms (MBAJ Architecture & WHN Architects) in NC, as an Intern, then Architectural Project Manager, Job Captain and Construction Administrator.

I also had the opportunity to serve 4 years as a teacher of CTE (Career and Technical Education) Drafting & Design at the high school level, sharing my interests in all types of design with those who are only now exploring their futures.

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Who we work with:

  • Residential
    • New Homes
    • Additions
    • Historic Renovations
  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Agriculture
  • Non-profit

Note: While having a Masters of Architecture degree, completing IDP & over 15 years experience working under licensed Architects, I am not a licensed Architect.

States require locally licensed architects to stamp most drawings, especially those that are of public safety concerns. However, there are exemptions from licensure state laws. To include Residential design, New Home, Addition, Renovation, Historic Restoration.

Pennsylvania exemptions: Residential: “Architects licensure Act exempts detached one-family and two-family dwellings not more than three stories in height, and their accessory buildings; design documents for “any utility or farm structure” if that structure is used in connection with a farm residence.”

Maryland exemptions: Residential: “Detached single or 2-family dwellings, including those to be utilized for home occupations, as defined by local ordinances, and sheds, storage buildings and garages incidental to the dwellings.”

I also do Consultant drafting and Design work for licensed Architects and Engineers. In these cases, the Architect or Engineer is the licensed professional and oversees the design, building code and life safety plans.