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Custom graduation gift:

Graduation gift, designed by Rob Chenoweth. Created by Alexander Art Glass.This stained glass was my gift to my wife on her graduation from Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary. The design is the seal of Martin Luther    (He designed it in 1530).  Surrounded by the three Solas (in Latin) and “LTSS 2012 M.Div.” at the bottom. 

The design includes two LTSS “dove” logos, both pointing to the cross.

The art glass was artistically selected and skillfully created by Christine Alexander, Owner of Alexander Art Glass. Please take time to look at Christine’s amazing glass work.


Automotive Christian Customs:

0.02_0.44_0.63_0.21_219_253_csupload_64793514_large 0_0.42_0.48_0.06_190_162_csupload_61027885_largeLet us know your favorite Bible verse, prayer, symbol, etc & we can make a custom logo for you or your group.

We can provide designs on print t-shirts, embroidery on shirts or hats, logos on mugs and mouse pads… and many more …

The “Micah” designs were inspired by 60’s & 70’s era racing jackets with the multiple vertical stripes.


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Billboard designs…


See Resume, Architectural Experience & CTE student project experience


church parish service times - yard signs

church calendar refrigerator

mission-possible logo

church parish service times - yard signs

Church detail, Charleston, SC. photo by Rob Chenoweth