Work with someone that is genuinely interested in your project & someone you feel comfortable with.

In any job I take on, I want to understand the needs and design interests of the owner to better design your new home with you. Stone Bow Studios prides itself on attention to detail, quality cost-effective design and implementation for our clients, and a personal love of design.

Each design project by SBS is specific to the client and the site, and not a “canned” – “off the shelf” plan that is modified. I believe in quality materials and construction that will not only provide a home but create a place you will be excited to experience for years to come.

When designing, I try to balance efficiency with the budget. This may include a reduction of mechanical systems by using Passive solar and super insulated design where appropriate and the use of Natural light and Natural Ventilation to improve the overall comfort of a home and increase life time efficiencies.

Identify what your basic needs and interests are – you don’t have to know how they fit together.

As a professional designer, I need to know what types of home designs and styles you are interested in and what your basic needs are – from there, we can develop the design.

If you have already “locked-in” on a plan and elevations, let me know if you are open to ideas, otherwise, I am not able to use my experience to meet your needs.

To be able to provide a budget on a New Home, Remodel or Addition, a site visit will be necessary. As you may already know – a lot depends on the level of detail needed, your needs for the home and the extent of finish and detailing needed. Also the level of detail on the drawings will greatly be affected by whether or not this will be a public bid, invited bid, negotiated or self-built home.

My pricing is set on a $/ hour base.

After a site visit and understanding your needs, I will be able to provide a defined scope and a budget fee.

  • Families for Home design & Renovations
  • Farmers for Agricultural design
  • Engineers for design & drafting
  • General Contractors for design & submittal drawings

States require locally licensed architects to stamp most drawings, especially those that are of public safety concerns. However, there are exemptions from licensure state laws.

  • Maryland – Detached single or 2-family dwellings, including those to be utilized for home occupations, as defined by local ordinances, and sheds, storage buildings and garages incidental to the dwellings.
  • Pennsylvania – Architects licensure Act exempts detached one-family and two-family dwellings not more than three stories in height, and their accessory buildings; design documents for “any utility or farm structure” if that structure is used in connection with a farm residence.
  • Virginia – No license as an architect or professional engineer shall be required for single- and two-family homes, townhouses and multifamily dwellings, excluding electrical and mechanical systems, not exceeding three stories; or farm structures used for the handling, processing, housing or storage of crops, feeds, supplies, equipment, animals or poultry.

Note: While having a Masters of Architecture degree, completing IDP & over 15 years experience working under licensed Architects, I am not a licensed Architect.